“SBM GROUP ” ltd is one of the most prestigious companies in the market of construcion and engeneering. With many years of experience in this field SBM GROUP has a leading portfolio that consists in construction of residential buildings, multifunctional buildings, industrial, streets and bridges, special structures, objects reconstruction. Further SBM GROUP expanded its operating activity in the mining sector for research-exploration, exploitation, processing and trading of minerals including import-export. Important and integral part of the SBM Group investments are hydropower projects. One of its projects was the construction of hydropower plants ‘’Çekrez 1 & 2 ” in Zall Herr, Tirana. Currently our company is commiting the implementation of building and residential projects. Also in the field of hydropower SBM Group is holder of a concession to 10MW capacity. With a specialized staff, where the biggest challenge is to overcome our expectations,we realise challenging and competitive projects.

Our Services

  • Residencial Buildings
  • Multifunctional and Industrial Construction
  • Exploration, Exploitation and Mineral Processing
  • Hydropower Buildings
  • Road Construction
  • Bridge Construction
  • Special Structures
  • Reconstruction

We Develop, This Is Our Power